Centre of Computional Mathematics Education

Niels Grønbæk

The centre is an open invitation to join to explore the relationship between advanced computer programs and mathematics learning in high school.

The centre will offer a kind of action research, which in some respects is new on the Danish scene. It consists of the following main elements:

  • An advanced individual training of mathematics teachers who themselves decide on a theme with computers in education, they will develop and test.
  • Guidance and inspiration from the centre's coaches on all aspects of the courses - mathematics academic, didactic and computer-related.
  • Systematic collection of experience and knowledge.

The Centre's focus is on the softare Maple, used today in many secondary schools, and in the introductory mathematics in higher education - as well as in business.

But focus is not on the computer program per se or how students handle it. Rather, it is about the mathematics content taught or disseminated.

Teaching with Maple